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Digital Employee Builder
The *Digital Employee Builder* is designed for business users with little experience in Conversational AI to develop new use cases. Incorporate APIs, RPAs and visual components by conversing with Amelia during the design process. ... 

Amelia Alternatives

Amelia Alternatives - service bots

Aisera, personalized, and predictive AI-driven Service Management (AISM).

Haptik is one of the world’s largest Conversational AI companies.

IBM Watson Assistant.

Microsoft, Power Virtual Agents.

Oracle Digital Assistant.

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IVA vendors

IVA technology vendors, 2020
Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA) State of the Market Report 2020: Aivo, Alterra, Avaamo, Creative Virtual, CX Company, EdgeVerve, Enterprise Bot, HCL DRYiCE Lucy, idAvatars, IPSoft, Jacada, Konverso, Kore, Nuance, Omilia, and Uniphore. ... 

Customer Experience Management
Customer Experience Management (CXM) Services ... 
Time to Accelerate CXM ... 

Amelia bot

Kontorbotten Amelia til kundeservice

Amelia, Virtual Employee 

IPsoft’s Amelia Interviews for an IT Service Desk Engineer Position ... 

Interview Amelia, Conversational AI solution,

Conversational AI For Customer Service
The Forrester New Wave™: Conversational AI For Customer Service, Q2 2019”
In the latest evaluation, Amelia received a differentiated rating in **seven categories:** Artificial Intelligence, **Voice & Speech**, Human and AI Blending, Security & Authentication, Vision, Roadmap, and Market Approach. ... 

Interview with Chetan Dube, founder of Amelia ... 


Baldwin, Richard (2019). The globotics upheaval: Globalization, robotics, and the future of work. Oxford University Press.  

Globalization, Robotics, and the Future of Work v/Richard Baldwin 2020 ... 

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Amelia vs.

Amelia vs. Comparison Chart ... - Norge

Conversational AI Platform
Nordic Capital and announce partnership to accelerate growth and expand conversational AI platform into new markets ... partnership

Virtual agents powered by conversational AI ... 

Chat + IVR + AI = next-level self-service

No-code conversation builder - Nyt